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The talent development guiding ideology of Fund Resource 
Implement the "human resources is the first resource" thought.
The talent development policy of Fund Resources
 Implement  the party and the state  puting forward "service development, talent, 
with the priority for, innovate the mechanism, high-end lead, and the overall development" 24-word policy.

The talent development strategic concept of Fund Resources
We should find the talent all over the world,   everyone is a talent, everyone 
should try their best.

Talent development the strategic principles of Fund Resource
Adhere to the "human resources are the primary resources, to give priority to the 
development of principles; adhere to the" investment in human resources is the 
best efficiency of investment ", to give priority to the principle of investment; adhere t
o the" democratic and open competition and selection, preferred to meet the 
requirements of Fund resources scientific developmentthe principles of talent; 
adhere to the "value investment philosophy, the principle of priority to the development
of high-end talent.
The Fund Resources talent development strategic objectives
Build communication field first-class talent team.
Through the three to five years of hard work, train a number of moderate, good quality, reasonable structure, can lead and support the Fund Resources to the international first-class comprehensive energy enterprise team of talent.
Through the three to five years of hard work, cultivate a group of business management level, strong ability of market development of the outstanding entrepreneurs;be good at breaking process of technical problems leading talents
of science and technology; a large quantities of skilled, grasp the masterly skills of high skilled talents.
Through the three to five years of hard work, build up the scientific Fund Resources personnel system, form be helpful for employees to grow in the institutional environment, searching out a set of effective way and method to realize the personnel sustainable healthy development.
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