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MIIT: two-way entry permits for telecommunication broadcasting and strive issued before September
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Industry and Information Technology Sectors held a meeting a few days ago, which deployed the plans about the Industry and Telecommunication Sectors in the second half of the year. This meeting attached a great importance to issue the business license for Telecommunication and Radio and TV Industry bi-directional assess to business operation.
According to someone familiar with the matter, as the plans of Ministry, it will need to wok hard for issuing the business license for Telecommunication and Radio and TV Industry bi-directional assess to business operation as soon as possible before September in this year. The next pilot ranges will be drafted and widen to the capital city by the end of this year.
In June of this year, the cable TV and telecommunication operators in the first 12 pilot areas of National Triple Play have started ¡°Bi-Directional Assess¡± cross report and get into the preparation stage. They can apply the related pilot business for the departments in charge of this industry by the method of cross report.
Previously there was media reported that Radio and TV has notified the enterprises of the pilot areas to prepare the documents to apply for the bi - directional access to business license. Business on the both sides all round let go and has been clearly defined. For example, when the cable TV network operators in the pilot areas apply for some basic telecommunication business, they need to apply for the Ministry Department. When applying for the value-added telecommunication service and the basic telecommunication business of comparison value-added telecom management, they need to apply in the local pilot Communication Administration. Among that, telecommunications should focus on the application of IPTV, mobile TV transmission and distribution service.
In July, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao, wrote specifically about the problem of Triple Play. He said the Triple Play is a most important strategic plan that Party Central Committee and State Council have made and closely related to the development of new generation technology.
It is a urgent need to improve the synergy and integration capabilities of developing the key technology research and key common technology on the strategic direction. Also it must focus on the funding and research strengths to make major breakthrough. However, as in this point, Mr.Wen admitted departments and industries are often not in consistent with national objectives to cooperate and work by division and traditional system issues have become a major obstacle to influence the development of strategic industries
Except Triple Play, the Ministry will also promote the implementation of the "Broadband China" strategies and enhance the development and industrialization of key technologies and researches about the next - generation broadband wireless mobile communications, the next generation Internet and the Internet of things and so on in the second half of this year.
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