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Power Cord Advantage of Fund Resources
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Why does our company have such great advantages in producing electric power wires? Why have we been dedicated to engaging in the production, research and sales of power plugs and connectors regardless of ups and downs over these years? The reasons cannot be separated from a lot of factors. To put it simply, they are as follows:

1. Leading strategic vision. The development of Fund Resources Group cannot continue without our central role of leadership. Every time when our customers need to develop new products, our leaders will strongly support and let our technical department fully cooperate with customers. When customers have feedback on our quality problems or it is difficult to meet customers¡¯ delivery needs, our leaders will actively try to work together with the relevant staff to deal with the problems as soon as possible and then discuss how to avoid the similar situation in the future. If there are a growing number of big orders coming, our leaders also will seize the good opportunity to expand our business to grow our company. Meanwhile, we will participate in exhibitions regularly, such as the Canton Fair, Hong Kong Exhibition, California Exhibition in USA and other overseas exhibitions and so on.

2. Powerful staff. Staff play an important role in the Fund Resources Group productions. All the staff must be trained for three months and gain all the skills before they participate in a variety of productions so as to maintain the quality and quantity of products. Of course, our staff is not only a unit but also a big family. They love each other and help each other. When the delivery date is in a hurry, our staff will take the initiative to work overtime; when there are any quality risks of products in the production process, they will bring the problems up without hesitation. All in all, staff take our company as their own home and we are a cohesive team with strengths

3. Fund Resources Group Reputation. Our trademark or brand, is one of the benchmarks in the power supply cord industry. For years, Fund Resources Group¡¯ overall image makes a good impression on our customers. More and more customers have come to cooperate with us fort our famous brand. What¡¯s more, our company will also make full use of our advantages to continue to develop in the virtuous cycle.

4. Our advantages of plugs and connectors are not formed only one or two days, but step by step and down -to -earth accumulation.


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