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Global Famous Experts Take Part In The First UL International Electric Wire and Cable Exhibition
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            International well-known experts will gather in the first UL International Wire and Cable Exhibition
A few days ago, the UL leader of International Product Safety Test and Certification announced that the experts and executives from 18 industry-leading companies and organizations will attend the first UL International Wire and Cable Exhibition. This exhibition will be hosted in Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center located in Dongguan city in July 17-19, 2013.
The reason why choosing Dongguan city is that UL leader hopes to promote the sustainable development of Chinese wire and cable industry based on Dongguan city as an important production base of the domestic trade industries.
During the exhibition, UL will organize a series of theme forums, including the issues about the executives¡¯ marketing , management and the professional topics in three technical fields of power cables, data/video/signal cables, device wires and power supply cords, materials.
Different from previous domestic Wire and Cable Exhibition, UL International Wire and Cable Exhibition will provide a platform for future growth for manufacturers, suppliers, purchasers and other industry partners. On one hand, through sharing information and knowledge, communicating online and participating in Wire and Cable Association at home and abroad, it will create more opportunities for exhibitors. On the other hand, in terms of UL professional background and Exhibition Forum, it will give exhibitors a chance to share with leading technologies and practical scenarios. What¡¯s more, UL International Wire and Cable Exhibition will work together with the local government and national government agencies and provides the most valuable latest policy information for exhibitors and visitors during the exhibition. Up to now, the cooperative associations are consist of Dongguan Humen Information Wire and Cable Association, Dongguan Wire and Cable Industry Association, Taiwan Electronic Wire and Cable Industry Association, Wenzhou Wire and Cable Industry Association, China Wire and Cable Industry Association, Communications Cable and Connectivity Association ( CCCA) and International Wire & Cable Symposium(IWCS). During the Expo, all the manufacturers and suppliers of Cable compounds, copper products and laboratory equipments will show their most leading and most innovative products and equipments to the world. UL General Manager Basil Shamsid-Deen of the Asia Pacific Area says: ¡°We are pleased to see there are many manufacturers actively participating, and  are looking forward to further support their innovative capacity. We sincerely hope this exhibition will help to promote the further communication and development in Wire and Cable between China and the whole world.¡¯¡¯
Confirmed well-known experts present in the first UL International Wire and Cable Exhibition
Anthony T. Tassone
The chief engineer of UL Wire and Cable LLC
Conference Theme: Transmission performance requirements applied in the data center of 6A twisted cables
David B. Kiddoo
Global Sales Manager of AlphaGary Corporation (a division of Mexico)
Conference Theme : Scientific safety production in accordance with telecommunication cables
Bharat Jaisinghani  Director-Professional project (Polycab Wire Private Limited)-Vice President of Cable and Wires Department- INDIAN ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONICS MANUFACTURERS' ASSOCIATION (IEEMA)
Conference Theme : The growth and trends in India's cable market
David Z. Chen  Honor Member of the Technical Department in Verizon Corporate Network & Technology
Conference Theme : Innovative products deployment successfully in North American market based on FOC method
Sheng dechang   General Secretary and Professor of the Chinese Wind Energy Equipment Association
Conference Theme : The introduction and prospect of China's wind energy industry
Zhang shihui    Chief Engineer of China Wind Energy in UL LLC
Conference Theme : UL standard in the key part of Wind Power Generators in North America

Paul Scherwinski   Global Project Manager in UL LLC
Conference Theme : Designs to meet with the safety requirements
Rob Daniels  Chief Advisor of CRU
Conference Theme : Review of the global metal cable market and the role of the brics in the market
Charles A. Rego    Senior Legal Counsel in UL LLC
Conference Theme :  Protecting the company from risk and responsibility caused by the use of fake and unqualified cables
Robert Konnik   CTO in Marmon Innovation & Technology Group
Conference Theme :  Nuclear facilities of cables
Ken Cornelison     Product Manager of Cable Systems   Beta LaserMike
Conference Theme :  Needs to assessing cable performance in automatic test system
Robert A. Wessels Jr.     Vice President of cable research and development in Commscope Inc
Conference Theme : Fake and unqualified telecommunication cables
Lori Campbell   Chief operation officer in the Label Printers
Conference Theme :  Protecting trademark to prevent forgery
Susan Stene     Chief Engineer of Wire and Cable in UL LLC
Conference Theme: Marketing survey results and items to be strengthened and inspected about UL758
Mike Patel     Industry Manager in Teknor Apex Company
Conference Theme : Application and development of PVC and halogen compounds in wire and cable
Thomas H. Cybula     Chief Engineer of Wire and Cable in UL LLC
Conference Theme : Requirement of Medium Voltage Cables
Judith A Lykins    Security Department Director ( Operations ) in UL LLC
Conference Theme : Protecting the company from the risk and responsibility caused by the use of fake and unqualified cables
Sun lu      Vice General Manager in Far East Technology Trading Network Co
Conference Theme : How to develop e - commerce in traditional enterprises
Mario A Xerri   Chief Engineer of Wire and Cable in UL LLC
Conference Theme : How the power supply cord changes from the connection plugs into the duck plugs
Dr Zhong, lisheng    XI' AN Jiaotong University
Conference Theme :  DC power cables with high voltage
Larry McIntosh    Director of Sales, Electronic and Security in Applied DNA Sciences Inc
Conference Theme : Protecting the supply chain by using forensic DNA technology
Steven Galan    Director of wire and cable business in North America, UL LLC
Conference Theme : Quality assurance and compliance of telecommunications cables
Noval Jamalullail    President in Indonesia APKABEL
Conference Theme :  Indonesia's cable market
Zhang wei     Strategic Marketing Project Manager of International Copper Association
Conference Theme : A Survey of issues about copper and aluminum replacement in construction and electronic fields
Jiang huajun       General manager of Far East Cables Inc
Conference Theme :  High-end culture and sustainable development of Cable Enterprises
Patrick Fay    Senior Consultant in CRU International
Conference Theme : Increase the threshold of China's role in the global fiber and cable market
Liang shenhe     Head of Wres and Cables Department in Greater China of DuPont Performance Polymers
Conference Theme :  Push for a green world - Dupont high performance polymer solution for wire and cable
Chen liru      Senior Research Engineer in UL LLC
Conference Theme:  Materials compliance
Mo jujun      Vice President of Ningbo yonica, Polymer Materials Company
Dr. Sean Gregory   Managing Director of Fire Testing Technology Ltd
Conference Theme :  Flammability testing requirements of the European construction products regulations and classification of electric wires and cables
Zhang shaowei   Business Development Director in Greater China Energy and Power Department
Conference Theme :  The Smart grid development and UL smart grid solutions
Maurice Zetena III    Vice President of Data Center Technology in Leviton Manufacturing Company, Inc
Conference Theme : Solutions of Data Center cables and prospects of the smart grid
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